Selling tips for ski clothes

Skiers and snowboaders are always looking for fashionable, fairly priced NEW and USED ski clothing for sale.

ski clothes for sale Buyers want to be able to use the clothing items immediately without having to clean and repair before use.
All items of clothing MUST be checked carefully.

Make sure that:    All clothing must look and smell clean.
  •     There should be no stains inside or out.
  •     There should be no badly faded spots.
  •     There should be no tears, rips or patches in clothing.
  •     All zippers and other fasteners should be in working order

If there are issues with the ski clothes then make sure you point it out in the listing description.

Pricing:  Higher-priced clothing items do not always sell as well as lower-priced items.  Be realistic on your pricing and be prepared for the buyer to haggle!
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